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Bmw I8 Racing

This is a list of Bmw parts. Distributor for all makes and models of vehicles. Find your perfect Parts for Sale for sale. Buy some new or used Bmw I8 Racing.

Bmw parts

The independent digital artist Jon Sibal has creat a virtual project for a racing car based on the
takes an i8 and virtually turns into a racing car. Dubbed BMW i8 GT3, the imaginary hybrid race car featured a wide body kit, a carbon fiber front lip, lowered spring kit and a massive rear wing.
Rendering artist Jon Sibal takes an i8 and virtually turns into a racing car. Dubbed BMW i8 GT3, the imaginary hybrid race car featured a …
I think the virtual sports car are awesome, this project created by the independent digital artist Jon Sibal, a virtual project for a racing car based on the
Gt3 racing car with shitty mini 1.5 3 cylinder engine lol that would be parody.
The BMW i8 is taking the world's automotive media by storm, impressing with its style, performance, and efficiency. But soon, there'll be an even more impressive...
I filmed a BMW i8 dragracing with a lot of supercars! Enjoy! Event: Spring Event 2015 PLEASE LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK:...
MZ 2016 Authorized 1:14 Rechargeable BMW X6 RC Car Model with Light (White)
The engineers at Gabura Racing Technologies have announced their intentions to fit a V8 engine inside the BMW i8.
The V8-powered BMW i8 is currently a work in progress, so we will keep you up to date whenever the tuner will share more details about its interesting project. If you haven’t heard of Gabura Racing Technologies, the company is specialized in racing gearboxes and chances are the i8 will gain a 6-speed sequential manual transmission installed in front of the rear axle.
BMW has not competed in top level motor sports since it withdrew from Formula One at the end of the 2009 season. It is said that racing helps sell cars, but BMW s sales have exploded since it stopped racing. That s why a limited effort in the Garage 56 rules makes sense for the company. It will allow them to showcase their engineering talent without committing to a long and expensive full fledged racing effort.
BMW is known to be interested in fuel cell technology and is partnering with Toyota to research building a fuel cell powered car, perhaps for 2020. Toyota has just introduced its own fuel cell sedan, the Mirai, in Japan. Sales in the US will begin this fall. Not everyone is fully convinced that electric cars will be the wave of the future, at least not until battery prices come down significantly. BMW wants to be able to build whatever kinds of cars the market wants, whether electric, plug in hybrid or fuel cell. If someone comes up with a new technology, BMW will investigate that as well.