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Bmw I8 Fuel Cell

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Bmw parts

Hydrogen to hit the highway: new BMW i8 fuel cell unveiled by CAR Magazine
While Toyota—and soon Honda—is pushing ahead with mass-produced fuel cell vehicles, BMW, like most automakers, is taking a more cautious approach to the technology in order to see which way the market turns. BMW says its aim is simply to have a production-ready fuel cell by 2020, and may produce a fuel cell car beyond this date should the market demand one.
BMW recently unveiled an i8-based research vehicle that it built several years ago when it first started looking at developing a production-ready hydrogen fuel cell stack. A...
BMW announced the list price of its i8 plug-in hybrid sports car some time ago, but now we know how much it will actually cost to get behind the wheel once various options...
BMW is keeping most of the specs a secret, but we know that in the 5-Series GT, the car’s regular internal combustion setup has been removed and replaced with a 242-horsepower electric motor, a roughly one-kilowatt-hour battery and a fuel cell stack. To store hydrogen, a pressurized tank in the form of a tunnel tank between the front and rear axles has been installed. BMW says the tank can store enough hydrogen for a driving range of about 300 miles. A similar setup is thought to feature in the i8. The unique body has been installed to reduce weight was also improve aerodynamic efficiency.
BMW is committed to developing a production-viable fuel cell powertrain, and this week showed two research vehicles that it is using to develop the technology. One of them is based on the sleek i8 sports car, which has a modified body designed to be even slipperier through the air.
BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition Is A Whole Lot More Expensive For No Apparent Reason
The high-performance M5 continues to offer great performance but its heavy curb weight of over two tons means it isn’t as precise around corners as its predecessor. In a comparison test that also included the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG, the M5 lost because it has lost its handling advantage and it doesn’t inspire as much driver confidence as the Mercedes. Furthermore, the fact that the 5 Series, the car in which the M5 is based on, shares its platform with luxury barges like the BMW 7 Series and Rolls-Royce Ghost means it feels heavier and less sporty.
De recordar que desde que foram lançadas, as gamas i3 e i8 já ganharam mais prémios e elogios que qualquer outra na indústria automóvel
“We have defined a certain cell standard millimetre height so that we can build new batteries in 50 years that have the same cell standard, even if the chemistry and energy density will be very different, Fröhlich said. This means that, when your car fails after 15 years and you go to a BMW shop to have a new battery fitted, you can do so.”
The all new Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Prototype for i8 Supercar by BMW CarDekho
The prototype is extremely aerodynamic: its drag coefficient exactly matches that of the i8, despite its voracious appetite for air: "It is very challenging to create an efficient hydrogen fuel cell car as they require cooling capacity well beyond that of a conventional car," says Strobl. And he adds: "With our prototype, we were able to achieve this goal without massive openings in the body."
The two-seater hydrogen concept started out life as an i8. It was built in 2012, well before the spring 2013 event when i8 was shown to the press in slightly camouflaged form. Created by an engineering team that pushes BMW's hydrogen fuel-cell programme, the stealthy two-seater was a "quick-and-dirty" job with relatively minor input from the design department.
As BMW's first independent fuel-cell vehicle, the prototype symbolises the brand's departure from its decade-long and ultimately failed effort to promote the hydrogen combustion engine. But it will remain a solitary exercise, relegated now to eternal storage: shortly after it was built, BMW commenced its partnership with Toyota, and the joint effort in fuel cell technology has resulted in an entirely different vehicle: a 5 Series Gran Turismo, fitted with BMW and Toyota components, and displaying a surprisingly high level of integration and refinement.
As impressive as that 5 Series GT may be, we'd rather switch to a fuel cell vehicle that makes us feel like Michael Knight.
If TV producer Glen A. Larson (who passed away last November) were to choose a car for another season of his iconic TV series today, he might well have chosen the BMW i8 as a base vehicle. Hands down, BMW's plug-in hybrid is the single most attention-grabbing sports car on the market.
"With our research vehicles, we work closely with Adrian van Hooydonk's design department, but there is far more of a technology focus than with our series production cars," says Wolfgang Strobl, head of BMW's hydrogen fuel cell project: "The main focus is research and technology, not styling."
At a media event in France, the German company showed off Toyota fuel-cell technology built into both a BMW 5-Series GT demonstration vehicle and a heavily modified i8 sport coupe.
BMW Pushes Hydrogen Fuel-Cell i8 Concept For First Street Tests BidnessEtc Consumer