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Bmw I3 Battery

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Bmw parts

2017 BMW i3 Electric Car: 100- To 110-Mile Range, Battery Pack Retrofit?
La citadine high-tech i3 bénéficiera d'un dépoussiérage de mi-carrière fin 2016 ou début 2017. BMW pourrait lui offrir par la même occasion des batteries plus généreuses.
The high-voltage batteries for the BMW i3 are manufactured on an ultramodern assembly line in the BMW works in Dingolfing. Apart from the cells, which are bought from a supplier, the batteries are a proprietary development of BMW. This made it possible to build on development experiences from previous batteries developed in-house, such as the BMW ActiveHybrid 3 and 5 and the BMW ActiveE, and make further optimisations. The modular structure of the battery comprises individual blocks which each have their own safety systems. The decision to build the energy store itself does more than just secure the future for the site in Germany. It also offers BMW and its customers many advantages. It guarantees that the potentials of the power storage technology are further exploited, while also guaranteeing typical BMW performance and maximum safety. And as developer and manufacturer, BMW can respond very flexibly to future requirements and needs.
As part of the upcoming 2013 Innovation Days, BMW releases more details on the i3 electric vehicle, its battery technology and charging solutions. The power …
Drive reports We've been able to drive both regular and range-extended versions of the BMW i3, but we've also featured the driving impressions of others--including owners of other electric vehicles. See how it stacks up by clicking on the following links.
23 responses to "BMW i3 Battery Module Costs $1,715.60 - 8 Modules Per Car - Total Cost $13,725"
The BMW Group and Samsung SDI plan to expand their supply relationship for battery cells for electro-mobility. The two companies signed a memorandum of understanding …
BMW hasn t announced their battery warranty yet, so I m not sure what you are comparing it to (my recommendation maybe?). Also, the Volt utilizes much less of it s pack than a typical BEV does, so if a Volt measures a 30% capacity loss, the battery has actually lost about 50% of it s capacity. BEV s like the i3 and the LEAF will utilize about 90% of it s capacity so degradation is much more noticeable and can be measured by the owner quickly. Protecting the battery by not using too much of it is definitely one of the many smart things GM did with the Volt.
BMW s ConnectedDrive Turns the i3 Into the World s First Fully Networked EV
Exclusive: BMW i3 Will Get an Update in 2016, Possibly Including a Larger Battery
The i3's materials are as exotic to the average driver as the powertrain. It is a BMW, so they are very nice materials, but it's unusual to get in a car that has fibrous recycled plastic door and dash panels coupled with an undulating band of open pore eucalyptus. The exposed carbon fiber monocoque shell (instead of a traditional welded steel frame, the i3 uses a single-piece molded and fused carbon fiber shell) is balanced against a wool-and-recycled plastic blend.
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BMW i3 Electric Car to Arrive in the U.S. Early Next Year Starting Around $35,000 Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building
BMW, Bosch and Vattenfall are working together to give BMW i3 electric car battery packs a second life.
BMW, Bosch and European utility Vattenfall have joined together to launch the Second Life Batteries Alliance, which aims to offer used battery packs from BMW’s Active E test fleet and its new i3 and i8 a productive retirement.
BMW, Bosch and Vattenfall are working together to give BMW i3 electric car battery packs a second life.
Interestingly, BMW dealers require i3 owners to return the loaner cars with a full tank of gas (as do rental-car companies), a mandate that Chevrolet apparently doesn't impose on Volt owners who get loaner cars when their vehicles are in for service.
Our sources say the i3 will get a new battery with higher capacity and more efficient which will lead to a higher driving range. The i3 currently has a driving range of 81 miles - 72 mile when fitted with the range extender.
Following a complete teardown and analysis of a BMW i3, Detroit-based Munro Associates says it uncovered numerous unique assembly techniques and innovative systems inspiring the firm s head to praise its sophistication as unrivaled.
There s additional oddities in the BMW i3 coach doors such as the driver and front passengers seatbelt being attached to the rear coach door making it weird dropping off the kids from the rear and having to undo your seatbelt. Parking in tight spaces and using the coach doors can also be problematic.
BMW has announced a series of changes in its “i” model lineup, the carmaker planning the introduction of the long-expected BMW i8 Roadster and a bunch of MINI and M plug-in hybrids. Last but not least, the future BMW i3 will also get its share, the model lineup being extended […]
BMW is reportedly preparing the introduction of an all-new 8-Series Coupe flagship that would take on the upcoming Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe and the recently announced Bentley Continental GT. According to Autocar via its reliable sources inside the company, BMW is preparing a concept set for a 2018 launch, which will […]
BMW is preparing the all-new 2017 BMW 5-Series Grand Touring for an official debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, in October, the model being spied while performing new driving tests in camouflage. The GT will join the G30 Sedan and will be introduced at the beginning of 2017. As […]
Ever since last October when BMW CEO Harold Krueger stated that the 2017 BMW i3 would have an increased electric range, there’s been speculation on how they would accomplish it. While BMW hasn’t made any official announcements yet, it’s widely believed that BMW will be using the new Samsung 94Ah
All of the cars used for BMW i3 test drives had a battery log sheet in the glove box, which shows BMW is certainly monitoring the SOC of all the cars from manufacture to delivery. Plus, if the i3 is anything like the BMW ActiveE, then the car will hold the SOC very well when not in use. My ActiveE would only lose about one percent per week when sitting unused. I doubt sitting for a month or so will have any noticeable reduction in charge and, unless the cars arrived with less than 10% SOC and weren t monitored and charged, I doubt there is anything to worry about.
BMW revealed two new electric, hybrid, and range-extended models--the BMW i3 electric car and the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid--at a special press conference in Frankfurt earlier today.
Why it makes sense for BMW to offer different battery capacities for the i3
Commentary: Bernie Sanders revolution will only grow with ascendant voting block
I think EVs are the way to go in the future. The leap in automobile history begins here. Lower running cost with virtually no need for maintenance. Combustion engines seems so backward in comparison. Now we just need economies of scale to bring the price down and battery technology to improve further.
A battery upgrade would seemingly solve another issue that has bothered some i3 REx owners, that being the size of the gas tank or, really, how much of it they have access to. All i3s come with a 2.4 gallon gas tank. However, for the US market, BMW had to restrict the amount of gas available to use to 1.9 gallons. The reason was to satisfy the California Air Resource Board s criteria for a BEVx vehicle. One of the criteria for an extended range electric vehicle to be classified as a BEVx is that the range of the car while being driven on battery needs to exceed the range it can drive on gasoline. If BMW allowed the full 2.4 gallons to be available for use, the gas range would be slightly greater than the electric range, and the i3 REx wouldn t qualify as a BEVx. BMW would lose some of the highly valuable ZEV credits it gets for every i3 REx sold in
. That of course sparked a lot of online speculation as to how BMW would accomplish this. Did it figure out a way to squeeze in more of the same 60 Ah Samsung battery cells that the i3 currently uses? Might BMW have sourced higher-energy-density battery cells from another supplier? Could Samsung have made the new 94 Ah cells available to BMW now? According to Samsung s Battery Technology Roadmap, it didn t look like it would have those cells available for at least another year.
In July 2016, BMW will refresh its i3 electric car with a higher energy density battery. The current model consists of 8 x 2.7 kWh …
Of course we re still just speculating here, and as we draw closer to the beginning of production for the 2017 model year i3 BMW has been as tight lipped as always on new or improved models. Perhaps the announcement will happen next week at NYIAS, or BMW may wait until closer to the 2017 launch as to not really kill sales of the remaining 2016 i3 inventory. In any event, the improved range will be a welcomed improvement for the i3, if not a necessary one. The new 30kWh battery pack of the Nissan LEAF is only a temporary improvement, as it s been strongly rumored that the 2018 LEAF may have a 60kWh battery. That, coincidently matches the 2017 Chevy Bolt s 60kWH battery pack, and that EV will boast a 200 mile all electric range.
BMW could do something like what Nissan did and continue to offer the 21.3kWh battery pack, but only on a base i3, to offer a lower cost option. Or they could do like Tesla does and simply allow the customer to choose the battery size they want like any other option. This will however drive dealers nuts because they now have to stock four different i3 s, instead of they two they currently do. I m going to predict this is indeed what BMW does, and if that is correct, here s the 2017 i3 options that will be available as early as this September:
Battery Advances May Someday Make Range A Non Issue For Vehicles Like The BMW i3 - Image Credit: Tom Moloughney
Range, Range, Go Away Traditionally, two major bogeymen have haunted electric car acceptance: range anxiety and battery charge time.  The 2014 BMW i3 deftly side-steps each of these issues by providing 160 kilometres of driving on a full battery, which is more than enough go to satisfy the vast majority of Canadian commuting habits.  Worried that you might want to use your i3 for longer-distance driving?  You can buy a range extending generator for the car that will extend its travel distance to a total of 300 kilometres thanks to its tiny gas tank, or use BMW's loaner program that will let you borrow a gas-powered vehicle from your local dealership when a big trip looms on the horizon.  The automaker claims that even the harshest winter chill reduces battery range to a still-usable 120 kilometres.  I look forward to being able to verify that particular figure with some winter driving of my own in the near future.
Collision Hub released an interesting video with a review of the procedures for a rail and apron replacement on the new BMW i3.