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Bmw Catalytic Converter

This is a list of Bmw parts. Distributor for all makes and models of vehicles. Find your perfect Parts for Sale for sale. Buy some new or used Bmw Catalytic Converter.

Bmw parts

, Catalytic Converters, Crossover Pipes, Accessories, Headers, Tips, Mufflers,
980722 + 980702 Front pipe left - right with metallic catalytic converter
Bosal’s Catalytic Converter program includes coverage for a full range of import and domestic applications. All Bosal converters are designed to exceed EPA warranty standards.
CanAmMex® 810225 Thunderbolt™ Car Diesel Catalytic Converter (810225)
Magnaflow 50602 Direct Fit Bolt on High Flow Catalytic Converter 49 State
Magnaflow 50602 Direct Fit Bolt on High Flow Catalytic Converter 49 State on PopScreen
Universal Catalytic Converter by Eastern (not for sale in California) - 82724
Stainless Direct Fit Federal Catalytic Converter (no sales to Cali) - 95714
Stainless Direct Fit Federal Catalytic Converter (no sales to Cali) - 95724
Just had valve seals replaced next day engine light with catalytic converter failure. No issue before repair. BMW certified mechanic stated h was having trouble with machine shop installing wrong part or parts. My question is if they fired up the car with wrong valve seals installed and caused an oil leak or pass thru in the engine could this have damaged the catalytic converter? Mechanic stated it probably was bad before the repair was made? However no engine light had ever come on. Any way to prove that they may have caused the damage
I'm being told my ford escape need all new catalytic converters which is pretty pricey i'm nervous because i don't want to put all th
All prices are in USD. Copyright 2016 HJS North America, LLC: Hi-Flow Universal Catalytic Converters.
, Are Universal, so they can be welded into almost any vehicle, as long as the engine size and HP falls within the ratings. HJS High Flow Universal Tuning Catalyst 9095 0092 can be fitted into almost all BMW 3 series, 5 series, 7 series, Z series and M series. Others may require the HJS High Flow Universal Tuning Catalyst 9095 0080 for increased engine size or HP. Some vehicles may require two catalytic converters; using two of the HJS High Flow Catalyst 9095 0092 will give a total rating of 5.2 Liters and 480 HP and using two of HJS High Flow Catalyst 9095 0080 will give a total rating of 7.0 Liters and 560 HP., OBD II, MOT, Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5 Compliant., Will pass U.S. emissions and inspections tests in 49 states except California., 2 Yrs / 50,000 Miles Manufacturer's Warranty., Will give you the highest airflow and strictest emissions, without sacrificing power and sound., Will give you affordable pricing for superior performance.,
, Germany. HJS is the leading factory for Motorsport and Tuning Catalysts in Europe. We specialize in HJS Hi-Flow 200 C.P.S.I. (Cells Per Square Inch) Universal Tuning Catalytic Converters (
, Provide power gains up to 30HP, with the addition of performance air filter and cat-back performance exhaust, depending on Catalyst model and Vehicle. Additionally, power gains up to 68BHP have been achieved in the UK with ECU engine reprogramming, depending on the catalyst model and vehicle., W ill give you 90% airflow, compared to a decreased range of 50%-65% or less airflow through your restricted stock catalytic converters and other aftermarket catalytic converters, with 90% airflow being the highest airflow available in a catalyst that is street legal. Our "HJS cats" will also give just enough backpressure to maintain low-end torque., Will provide a reduction of up to 60% less backpressure, compared to other catalytic converters. No matter what modifications you do to your vehicle, stock catalytic converters will always restrict the air flow and decrease the HP., Increases MPG, which alone will pay for itself over time.,