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Bmw Isetta

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TrimYearEngineFuelDriveTransmission typeSeatsDoors
  • Type: single-1 0.2L
  • Power: 13 PS
  • Type: single-1 0.2L
  • Power: 13 PS
  • Type: single-1 0.2L
  • Power: 13 PS
  • Type: single-1 0.2L
  • Power: 13 PS
  • Type: single-1 0.2L
  • Power: 13 PS
  • Type: single-1 0.2L
  • Power: 13 PS
  • Type: single-1 0.2L
  • Power: 13 PS
Tue Jul 19 2011 gmolina at cablenet.com.ar Lot of service and repair manual BMW R 80 G/S I bought a cpuple of manual in: SrDespiece (www.SrDespiece.com.ar) There are a lot of manual and the price is cheaper and attention it's great... Argentina More information under
In pictures: Supercars, exotics and other sporty machinery of the 2016 Geneva Motor Show
wrote a guide book on restoring a BMW Isetta 300 US export sliding window model in order to assist others in their Isetta restoration projects.
1957 BMW Isetta 300. Almost 100% original. Runs and drives. Stored indoors, on display, in climate controlled room. See spec sheet in photos for...
1957 BMW Isetta 300 sw USA MODEL4 SP. Manual TransmissionBlue to White ExteriorWhite and Blue
BMW: Other USA Single cylinder, single door, 4 wheeled 300 cc micro
1958 BMW Isetta 300 made in Britain Same Collector Owner Since 1989 Restored RED 1958 BMW Isetta Built in BritainSame Collector Owner Since 1989Only 19 Miles Since Restoration click
19600000 BMW Other for sale in San Francisco, California, USA 6 months ago
1958BMW300 Deluxe This Isetta was a ball to drive and brought back many wonderful memories for both of us. As her cond
Colonel Parker and Elvis Presley in the BMW Isetta: The Colonel home: 1215 Gallatin Road South Madison, Tennessee 37115 More
Cool Car, Bubble Cars, Micro Car, Automobile, Tiny Car, Bmw Cars, Bmw Isetta, Cars Trucks
1959 Romi-Isetta, tiny car: built in Brazil & equipped with BMW engines.
Tiny Car Towing Teardrop Trailer -- the Tiny Car is a BMW Isetta from the late 50's most likely.... I know because I have one :)
1957 BMW Isetta 300, subcompact bubble retro... and a soft top to boot. Woo-hoo! More
"BMW Isetta bubble car--Our neighbor had a car just like this one in the 1960's. I loved riding in this little car. It was a real car on the streets, but still felt like a play car! So cute!"
BMW Isetta (1955–62). Because of its egg shape and bubble-like windows, it became known as a bubble car, a name later given to other similar vehicles. In 1955, the BMW Isetta became the world's first mass-production car to achieve a fuel consumption of 94 mpg-imp; 78 mpg-US. It was the top-selling, single-cylinder car in the world with 161,728 units sold.
1957-1960 BMW Isetta 300 Factory Built Pick-Up. Wow. Didn't know they made a pick-up
EUR 32,000 USD 35,114 JPY 3,956,160 BGN 62,586 CZK 865,504 DKK 238,765 GBP 24,683 HUF 9,907,840 PLN 138,077 RON 142,838 SEK 297,344 CHF 35,130 NOK 300,685 HRK 241,984 RUB 2,520,544 TRY 102,086 AUD 46,880 BRL 130,368 CAD 47,056 CNY 228,691 HKD 272,691 IDR 462,472,640 ILS 136,893 INR 2,357,888 KRW 42,548,160 MXN 625,635 MYR 144,470 NZD 51,814 PHP 1,645,344 SGD 48,547 THB 1,239,168 ZAR 539,994
Colonel Parker and Elvis Presley in the BMW Isetta: The Colonel home: 1215 Gallatin Road South Madison, Tennessee 37115.
December 21; Elvis and the Colonel's in the red Isetta sports car which Elvis has just presented to him as a Christmas present. 'It is snug' observed Colonel Parker.
of Elvis shown exiting an Isetta on December 21, 1958 while stationed in Germany.
Elvis Presley and Colonel Parker: Isetta Sports Car: Saturday: December 21, 1957
would feel a bit embarassed at having such a humble means of transportation as part of its history, but that has never been the case when talking about the Isetta bubble car. After World War II, the Bavarian car maker was not exactly in tip-top shape in terms of financial success, with Herbert Quandt being close to selling the entire company to Daimler Benz under the pressure of management. Thanks in small part to the prosperity brought by the tiny Isetta and Quandt s rather risky decision of increasing his stake instead of selling all of it, BMW is still an independent brand now.
Both the BMW Isetta 250 and the Isetta 300 were powered by a single-cylinder, four-stroke engine sourced from the
By far its most bizarre feature was the front-mounted door, especially since the steering wheel was attached to it. Both the wheel and the door swung outward to create easy access to the interior. The large and curved windows gave the car a a look similar to the canopy of a World War II fighter plane, while the fabric roof could be opened for better ventilation and to give the impression of a convertible. Speaking of ventilation and design, BMW improved both by giving the Isetta a sliding side window, something the original Iso variant didn t have.
Although the Isetta spawned an entire wave of European bubble cars in the 1950s, the BMW model s only true competitor became the Fiat 500 Nuova, which was built as a replacement of the original 500 Topolino from pre-war times. Built on a slightly larger frame and offering seats for four passengers, the 500 Nuova was also using a rear engine configuration and offered a similar amount of power as the Isetta.
While not exactly in line with BMW s credentials as a premium car manufacturer nowadays, the Isetta is still a very important part of the Bavarian carmaker s history. Despite not offering any luxury features or "driving pleasure," the tiny city car that could is a very good example that success can come from the most unexpected places. Sure, it wasn t single-handedly responsible for BMW s resurgence in the late 1950s, but it did play a large part, especially since it was the best sold BMW model at the time.
in the 1960s, the original Isetta had thee wheels and a single-cylinder motorcycle engine from the Iso Moto 200. Its quirky styling, low price and great city maneuverability caught the eye of BMW, who bought the project along with its tooling and made its own version, keeping the name.
One of its biggest advantages, the BMW Isetta first had a starting price of 2,550 Deutsch Marks, so considering that a German worker at the time earned around DM 360 per month, he would have needed just a little over half a year s salary to buy himself a BMW bubble car. Not exactly cheap for what was essentially a scooter with a roof, but much cheaper than most other German cars at the time.
With a single bench seat that catered to a pair of adults and a single child, you would expect the tiny Isetta to be rather cramped inside, but thanks to the lack of a real luggage compartment and clever front-opening of the door it was actually rather spacious for its lilliputian size. A small amount of luggage could be carried on a shelf-like platform behind the seats and on top of the single cylinder engine, while the location of the petite steering wheel, the adjacent column and instrument panel made it very easy to enter or exit the car. The front-hinged door also meant that most frontal impacts were pretty severe in terms of casualties, with the survivors only exit being through the fabric roof opening above.
As some of you know, the Isetta was actually born in Italy, not Germany, and its original raison d être was simply to offer an inexpensive means of transport with good fuel economy. Created by Iso, which subsequently became famous afterward for its elegant
With Iso being first known as a manufacturer of scooters, petite urban trucks and refrigerators, it is no wonder that the Isetta looked like an Art Deco refrigerator from the pre-war period on wheels. With room for two and a small child, a canvas "Targa" roof and a single door situated in the front, it would be rather hard to find another car that looked as unorthodox, no matter what period in time.
Since the two rear wheels were only a few inches apart, the rear axle wasn t fitted with a differential, giving the four-speed transmission a unique connection with the wheels. The rather complex drive consisted of two cardan joints made of rubber, a cardan shaft and a double chain which transmitted power to the fixed rear axle. This also made for the engine and gearbox to flex independently than the rear suspension. With the Isetta 250 developing 12 horsepower and the 300 variant upping that amount to 13 horsepower, it is no wonder that both of the models top speed was only 53 mph, and even that depended very much on wind conditions.
Updated 9/1/2015: Our man Jonathan Lopez took some pics at Monterey Car Week. Enjoy!
1957 BMW Isetta 300 - 1989 1200cc FJ1200 Yamaha Motorcycle Motor - European Car Magazine