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Bmw HP4

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This lowering kit is practically brand new. I purchased it to lower the Rider's Foot Pegs on my bike, but then decided I preferred the original position.
Hello there. I'd go with the 2015 S1000RR with all options. If you do that, you'll get everything the 2014 HP4 has and more! The 2015 S1000RR offers DDC suspension, launch control, more user modes, 199HP, Akrapovic exhaust, HP rear sets and levers, cruise control, clutchless up/down shift, lighter frame, revised styling, HP4 Marchesini wheels and I might have missed a few items. The HP4 will not be sold in 2015-16 and returns in 2017. I hope this helps.
OZ Motorbike GASS RS-A Forged Aluminum Rear Wheel: BMW S1000RR / S1000R/ HP4
BREMBO HP T-Drive Disk Kit: 320mm BMW HP4 / S1000RR With HP4 Spec Front Wheel
BMW HP4 S1000RR exclusiv for the racetrack BMW Motorcycle Accessory Hornig Individual Accessory for your BMW Motorrad
According to BMW, the HP4 weighs in at 199 kg (438.7 pounds) with a 90% full fuel tank and 169 kg (372.6 pounds) dry. By comparison, BMW claims a wet weight of 451 pounds for the S1000RR and a dry weight of 398 pounds.
2013 BMW HP4 Revealed - A Lighter, Track-Oriented S1000RR with Dynamic Damping and Launch Control - Motorcycle.com News
BMW is also introducing its new launch control system on the HP4. Available in Slick mode, launch control maximizes acceleration from a standing start. The system limits engine torque while maximizing torque transferable to the rear wheel. The rider will be able to focus on controlling acceleration from a start using just the clutch without having to worry about the throttle position. The launch control system will also work as an anti-wheelie aide by reducing engine torque when it detects front wheel lift.
2013 BMW HP4 Revealed - A Lighter, Track-Oriented S1000RR with Dynamic Damping and Launch Control
BMW unveiled a new, more track-oriented sportbike based on its highly-successful S1000RR. The new BMW HP4 is an evolution of BMW s HP2 series with the S1000RR s inline-four engine.
What s the typical retail price for such a bike? I m interested in this model, the hp4. Looks nice and seems to have horsepower to match.
Styling-wise, the HP4 has the same asymmetric headlight and fairing design as the S1000RR. The HP4 however has a longer engine spoiler and a tinted windshield.
Like the S1000RR, the HP4 claims 190 hp at 13,000 rpm and 83 ft-lb. at 9750 rpm. The HP4 however has been tuned to offer more torque from 6000 to 9750 rpm. Also like its predecessor, the HP4 will have four ride modes, Rain, Sport, Race and Slick. On the HP4 however, horsepower will have access to its full power in all four modes including Rain mode. The Rain mode has also been tuned for a smoother torque curve from 2500 to 8000 rpm.
Some of the weight loss is from new seven-spoke forged alloy wheels with a lighter sprocket, shaving about 5 pounds compared to the S1000RR. Another 10 pounds were saved by using a new titanium exhaust system.
2x Motorcycle 7/8" 1" Handlebar Universal Metal Clock/Watch+Th ermometer For BMW (Fits: BMW HP4)
The lightest 4-cylinder supersports bike in the 1000cc class, the HP4 has 193 horsepower, and weighs under 440 pounds with its tank 90% full. Only serious speed junkies need apply.
Was also kann die "S" reisen? Kelle dreht Runde um Runde, knechtet die Duc durch die Schikanen, presst sie auf der Zielgeraden aus. Der Topspeed am Bremspunkt ist identisch mit dem der Panigale, an die BMW kommen beide nicht heran. Oh je, kann das noch was werden? Die Blicke sind gebannt auf die Stoppuhr gerichtet. Die bleibt schlieslich bei 1:31,0 min stehen. Der Hammer. Nicht nur die familieninterne Hackordnung ware wiederhergestellt. Sie zieht damit auch bis auf ein Zehntel gleich mit der HP4. Doch erreichen beide ihre Zeiten auf ganzlich unterschiedliche Weise. Wahrend die HP4 ihre Zeit vornehmlich auf den Power-Abschnitten gutmacht und beim Topspeed ganz klar vorne rangiert, schlagt die Ducati in den kurvigen Sektionen zu. Wie die
, Traktionskontrolle und Schaltautomat, die bei der HP4 serienmasig sind, 2800 Euro. Um die Ducati Panigale mit einem "S" zu adeln, mussen gar 5000 Euro mehr uber den Tresen wandern. Aber was bringts im Vergleich zu den deutlich gunstigeren Basismodellen mit Standard-Fahrwerk? Das kann nur auf der Rennstrecke ausgetragen werden. Auf der vorletzten Rille, beim Feilen um die letzte Zehntel. Schlieslich sieht BMW selbst die Bestimmung der HP4 hauptsachlich auf der Rennstrecke. Und die Heimat der Ducatis war schon immer der Rundkurs.
Streit kommt ja in den besten Familien vor. Vor allem, wenn die Sprösslinge mit unterschiedlicher Mitgift ausgestattet wurden. Aber haben BMW HP4 mit teilaktivem Fahrwerk und Ducati Panigale S mit elektronisch einstellbarem Öhlins-Fahrwerk gegenüber ihren günstigeren Basisversionen tatsächlich die Nase vorn?
Test: BMW S 1000 RR gegen HP4 und Ducati 1199 Panigale gegen Panigale S
BMW HP4 Vortex Gearing NEW Aluminum Race Blue 40 x 3 41 x 3 42 43 x 3 44 x 3 45 x 3 46 x 3 47 x 3 Retail $80 $70 per sprocket
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TechSpec TANK GRIPS BMW  S1000 RR / S1000 R / HP 4  (2008 - CURRENT ) SnakeSkin (Fits: BMW HP4)
You like the new BMW HP4, yeah? Well, we do. So we thought we d offer up some wallpaper for you. Enjoy! 
BMW - Motorcycle free Wallpapers (26 photos) for your desktop, download pictures
Wallpaper photos of the 2013 BMW S1000RR HP4 in high-res: theTHROTTLE
BMW thinks of everything,14 adjustable shift lever for the big footed.21 not bad!!
General George S. Patton has some life advice we could all benefit from (21 Photos)
Escape your cubicle, make a run for the Seychelles Archipelago (22 Photos)
BMW sponsor lower fairing / bellypan decal kit for a BMW HP4 bike. Cut from top quality 5-7 year life gloss vinyl ( UV...
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BMW sponsor decal kit for a BMW HP4 bike. Cut from top quality 5-7 year life gloss vinyl ( UV resistant and fully waterproof...
BMW HP4 2013.619.Very Clean!No scatches!Power Commander.Feul Management System.Protecting Wrap.
BMW 2012 S1000RR motorcycle decal sticker set as pictured. Cut from top quality 5-7yr life gloss vinyl ( UV resistant and...
THE BEST OF THE BEST. For riders not content with race track performance alone, there is the HP4 with Competition Package....