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Bmw 760LI

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Model: MRR GT1. 730 740 745 760i alpina b7. Hub Bore: 72.6mm. Lip Size: 1"3/4 FRONT 2"3/4 REAR. Fitment :BMW. Quantity: Set of 4 Wheels. E65/e66 (2002-2008) Center Cap: Include.
Next 100: What BMW’s crazy new concept says about the coming century of driving
For further details, please contact abu dhabi motors 02 681 1700 this bmw 7-series of 2015 is a used car in abu dhabi. Purple color, 4 doors...
Having felt the Alpina at speed, I don’t think it’s power has been underrated like the 760’s has. One reason for this is that Alpina is an aftermarket tuning company, and isn’t a full manufacturer like BMW. I’ve heard a few reasons for BMWs, and other German cars, being underrated on paper. One is that there may be some tax in the EU based on horsepower figures, and the other is that German companies have been rating the minimum power levels of their engines. This means that at the top of a mountain, with far less oxygen in the air, the car will produce what the manufacturer claims. Either way, a physical test showed the 760Li to be faster than the Alpina B7, so take it how you will.
If you compare the B7 and 760Li on paper, it appears that the V12 has been outgunned by the V8, with BMW rating the 760 at 535bhp and 550ft/bs of torque. However, I have learned to be skeptical of BMW’s official power claims because they are consistently conservative by around 10-15%. I decided to do a speed test, on the same straightaway, between the B7 and 760 to find out where the V12 really stood. Without going into any incriminating details, I found that the 760 was going around 10mph faster than the B7 was at the end of the straight definitely not a result we would expect from a 5hp deficit. It seems to me that the 760’s 6.0L twin turbo V12 is actually putting out more in the neighborhood of 600hp than BMW’s claimed 535hp.
This flagship BMW shootout has yielded interesting conclusions. Personally, I liked the V12 760Li a little more than the Alpina B7 in terms of the driving experience. However, it turns out the Alpina is surely the smarter purchase. Even so, among its V12 company, the 760Li also proves to be a solid value for money. So it seems that both of these cars are a win for BMW in different enough ways that they still see it worthwhile to sell them both.
Of course, you might instead fancy having the ultimate 7 Series that BMW makes themselves. That would be our other contender, the BMW 760Li. It is a more traditional take on a top-end luxury limousine with a proper V12 under its hood.
Each of these engines might appeal to different people, but for me the V12 760Li is the way to go. The speed is a bonus, but the smoothness is everything, especially when we are talking about top-tier luxury cars. Even if the the B7 had been faster than the 760, I would still prefer the 760 because of the V12’s characteristics. It is easy to see why there continues to be a niche market for big, twelve cylinder limousines among the well to do. They really do offer the most pristine experience possible.
I think if I were filthy rich I would purchase a loaded 760Li, and then have Alpina put their bodykit and other modifications onto it. Yes, I like to have my cake and eat it too, so I would make my own “Alpina B760”, or whatever. As for choosing between them, just evaluate how highly you value having a V12, and the question will answer itself.
If money were no object, the 760Li would be the way to go every time. However, a V12 is never something that is necessary these days. Effectively, the V8 in the Alpina gives you the exact same overall package you get from the V12 in the 760Li. A V12 is one of those “finer things in life”, something only true automotive connoisseurs really will insist upon at this point. That said, there remains a solid market niche of V12 limousines out there, so there must still be enough wealthy car snobs to make it worthwhile.
I know I have been very critical of BMW as of late. In my opinion, they are dealing with some serious brand identity issues with many of their models. The 7 Series, however, remains exactly what it should be, and this current F01/F02 generation 7 is probably the best 7er they’ve ever made. The bloating of size and weight has been a curse for M cars, but it serves as a benefit for a big limousine like this. The 7 Series has always been the quintessential big autobahn cruiser, and the new one, especially the two I drove here, could not be better for that task.
Most 7 Series buyers will only ever go fast in a straight line, usually on a highway, and that is really what these top-tier 7s are all about. If you just want a big car to relax in, you should probably save your money and just buy a 740i. The Alpina and the 760Li both bring a substantial level of speed to the mix, and only those who “really!” want to make use of it should spend the extra money. However, it is at this point that the differences begin to appear between these two cars.
Despite them both being the exact same car, the Alpina has definitely been dressed up more than the 760Li in terms of visual distinction. The Alpina bodykit adds a tasteful bit of sport to the 7 Series’ appearance with slightly lower bumpers, chrome exhaust tips, a lip spoiler on the back, and some striking multi-spoke wheels. The look of the Alpina is quite noticeable to a trained eye, and it will likely manage to turn a few heads in town. Those looking to let people know that they’ve got “the fast one” will like the Alpina for sure.
The 760Li is much more incognito. It takes an expert to be able to pick one out of a crowd. As far as I can tell, the only way to distinguish a 760 from any other 7 Series is by the tiny V12 badges on the fenders or by the square dual exhausts. The M-Sport package on the one I drove added some larger air intakes to the front, but it still doesn’t do much to turn any heads. The 760Li is fantastic for those who like to “speak softly and carry a big stick” because the stick this thing quietly packs is truly massive.
Any feature you could want on a car can be had on these models. In addition to the obvious navigation, Bang and Olufsen sound system, rear seat TVs, etc, you can also get night vision on the dash, adaptable cruise control, and adaptive safety systems. Many companies have things like lane departure warnings these days, but I really like how BMW’s works through the steering wheel and not by tickling my butt. Cadillac’s system works via the seat, and it just feels like you’re being violated every time you’re merging lanes on the highway.
A short instructional video illustrating the installation of URO Parts high quality BMW coolant transfer feed pipe. The pipe installs in the intake valley, eliminating...
The BMW 760Li is priced at $391,500. This makes it $93,700 more expensive than its 750Li cousin and about $110,400 more expensive than the 750i.
Element Custom Wheels and Tires 2125 N. Nevada St., Chandler, Arizona 85225 Copyright 2009
Image vectors bmw Free vector for free download about (18) Free vector in ai, eps, cdr, svg format.
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BMW is not only giving the 7er the coolest gadgets and electronics, but also a revamped engine lineup. According to sources, the flagship sedan will be offered with four gasoline engines, one diesel and two hybrids. Most of those powerplants belong to the
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Autonomous features: Tesla Model S vs. BMW 750i, Infiniti Q50S, and Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG
, the improved engine lineup that delivers more power and lower fuel consumption. A new 9-speed gearbox is also planned for the G11/G12 models.
For starters ONLY BMW’s with direct injection are affected by this issue. BMW first offered direct injection here in the US markets with the 760Li E65/66, and more popular in the 2007 335i models. Following we have listed the BMW engines and models with direct injection. Current and past BMW direct injection engines are the N54, N55, N63, N73, N74, N20, S63 and most future models. These are found ranging in the BMW E90 335i, BMW E82/88 135i, BMW E60 535i, BMW E65/66 760Li, BMW F01/02 750i & 760i, BMW F10 528i & 535i (excluding first year model 528i), BMW F30 328i&335i, BMW F25 X3 3.5, all BMW E70 X5 MY2011 and newer all share amazing advantages in modern engine technology.
2016 BMW 7 Series Versus 2016 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Pricing Comparison
For rates as low as 1.9this bmw 760li has a carbon black metallic exterior... Of our inventory this bmws price has been dramatically reduced to move...
Buying a new car BMW 760Li UAE delivery prices showroom in Dubai. Description, equipment and specifications.
, located in Warrensville Heights, Ohio, is a 2010 BMW 760Li that was ordered and once owned by LeBron James. The car is finished in a matte pearl white with a full platinum merino leather interior.
To drive it is, as you would expect given the outputs, very brisk indeed. BMW claims 4.6 second to 62mph, which seems completely believable. Top speed is as usual limited to 155mph, and as a measure of the performance when the limiter kicks in, even doing so gradually, the reduction in acceleration is marked. What the 760Li isn’t though, is a hot-rod in the vein of Mercedes’ similarly priced and S63AMG.
In other respects the 760Li is much like the regular 7. Along with switchable dampers, Dynamic Drive (active roll bars) and four-wheel steering is standard on the 760Li. In most circumstances it is comfortable, only the occasional tremble at slow speeds over rougher urban roads spoiling things. Move the control to Sport or Sport+ and the 760Li becomes more agile than its weight and size would suggest, but it is still a car to drive quickly but tidily rather than hustle.
It’s likely that the very few people who will buy the 760Li will have already decided to do so. Other than the marginal extra refinement, objectively the 760Li doesn’t do a great deal that the 750Li doesn’t already, or for that matter that the new 740d. What the 760Li does do rather well though, is fill the role of flagship, and for a certain type of buyer that will be reason enough to have one.
Great looking car, BMW back on form. Not many people will get one of these but obviously the performance is monumental. But buying the 740d is a no-brainer.
....if you want loud and "look at me" get a Nissan GTR...with the BMW people that know know (they see the small details etc) and those that do not are not bothered anyway.....
Inside, as you would expect the interior is packed with toys otherwise optional on other 7 Series models. Bespoke to the 760Li is a particularly plush looking leather and alcantara roof lining and wood trim featuring walnut inlays (other trims are available).
Nine months after it was launched, BMW’s fifth generation 7 Series gains a range topping V12 version, in the shape of the 760Li; also BMW’s most expensive production road car.
Although the V12’s swept capacity is identical to that of the previous generation, BMW claims this all-aluminium engine to be ‘all-new’. The big news is that, in a first for BMW, a V12 is combined with twin-turbos (one for each bank of cylinders) to produce 532bhp and 553lb ft.
The 760Li is also the first model to get BMW’s new eight-speed automatic transmission (developed in conjunction with ZF) also due on the 5 Series GT.
Although BMW is producing the 760i in both short and long wheelbase versions, in the UK we will get only the latter. There is however the choice of regular (as tested here) or M Sport specification.
Technology-laden BMW 7 Series looks better than its predecessors, but is ultimately disappointing
-- and into the BMW 760Li. After all, the Rolls-Royce Ghost, a Flying Spur competitor, has plenty of 7-series deep beneath its quilted leather and wood, and the engineering choices made by each company in the pursuit of premium luxury made for some fascinating contrasts.
Analogies aside, the 760Li really does have a gorgeous interior, light and airy in the cream-and-black combo with which ours was crafted. I'm not going to carp on iDrive -- it's still among the most difficult systems to use on the market, but I'm equally certain owners would quickly grow accustomed to the important functions. Ditto the other center-stack controls; it's the same basic order BMW has used for years now, but it doesn't reward the occasional driver. Rear legroom is outstanding, and the reclining multifunction rear office makes for a premium executive being-driven experience. It's good for kid-schlepping, too.
Options: BMW Individual Composition including BMW Individual light-alloy wheels, Shadowline exterior trim, Individual door sill finishers, Alcantara headliner BMW Individual rear badge ($5,200); Bang & Olufsen sound system ($3,400); rear-seat entertainment system ($2,700); night vision ($2,600); enhanced active cruise control ($2,400);
I'm not, nor have I ever been, in the market for a $150,000-plus luxury sedan, so I don't pretend to fully grasp the purchase motivators of this clientele. As an enthusiast with the good fortune to experience many of these cars, though, it's difficult to imagine what, besides a badge, an owner could want that the 760Li doesn't deliver. More wood, more metal, more exclusivity? Perhaps. But the law of diminishing returns kicks in quickly above this point -- the 760Li truly is a remarkable machine.