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Bmw 340I

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Congrats to BIMMERPOST member closhedbb for being our first member to take delivery of the BMW 340i (F30 LCI updated model).
Great real life look at the F30 LCI (340i model) - on display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015.
Some updates from ynguldyn on upcoming BMW models: G01 X3 is going to start sales with a sequence of 20(i,d), 30(i,d), and 40i engine designations. U.S. will obviously get 30i and 40i, but there's also a nice new addition: European 20d will be sold as... CONTINUED
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Facing increasing market pressure from the recently-introduced Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and in anticipation of the imminent arrival of the all-new Audi A4 and Jaguar XE, BMW will look towards a revised...
There s a plus n minus to this so called lci new look..personally I d prefer a subtle change rather than a drastic one. Thru experience when I last purchase a new w204, when they came out with a mid term facelift for the w204, mine looked like an older model..only after 3years n 15k mileage..my car had no value I paid 262k on the road for it n felt absolutely cheated..I told the sales person how I felt and he said..like handphone also mah..have to change model all the time !@$/.. Stupid 262k.. He compares to a handphone..so lesson learned..never a Mercedes for me anymore,love my BMW!
The BMW 1M is one of those mythical cars made in Bavaria. It looks aggressive, beefed up and it s a riot on the track. Around …
That alone might make for a significantly more entertaining driving experience, but BMW is also offering a Track Handling package that adds re-calibrated steering, brakes and an adaptive suspension borrowed from BMW s M division along with 18-inch wheels shod in Michelin Super Sport tires. The package is available on all gasoline variants of the 3 Series with the provision for larger wheels on the 340i.
On top of that, BMW is also cancelling the 335i, at least in name. Instead, it will offer the 340i, which is powered by a new all aluminum 3.0-liter TwinPower inline six-cylinder engine that makes 320 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque that peaks at only 1,380 RPM. An eight-speed automatic transmission is standard, but customers can also choose a six-speed manual – which now offers rev-matching downshifts – as a no-cost option. BMW also revised the automatic gearbox by giving it wider gear ratios and reducing torque converter slip.
But BMW did announce detailed information on the rest of the 3 Series lineup. All versions of the 3 Series get new front struts with five bolt upper anchor points instead of the previous three, new rear damper technology and redesigned electric power steering. The stability control system and rear dampers are also updated for 2016 to offer improved handling.
Following hotly on Mercedes coattails, BMW is introducing a plug-in hybrid version of the 3 Series called the 330e. The BMW 330e will be able to drive up to 22 miles without burning gasoline and should be able to run from 0-60 MPH in 6.1 seconds. BMW hasn t finalized those numbers yet, but released preliminary figures today along with a 140 MPH top speed and output from the powertrain of roughly 250 HP and 310 lb-ft of torque. Further details on BMW s answer to the Mercedes-Benz C350 PHEV haven t been released yet.
2016 BMW 340i vs tuned 2012 Dinan BMW 328i - Which one has a better exhaust sound? The folks over at TFLCar gives us a …
BMW’s 340i will be the first BMW to use the six-cylinder engine from the EfficientDynamics engine family. Replacing the outgoing 3.0 liter turbocharged six in the 335i, the 340i’s six will produce 326 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque and achieve 7.7-6.5 liters per 100km (30 mpg US). The new, all-aluminum six-cylinder engine will be both powerful and efficient, more so than the outgoing six. This new I6 engine has some mighty shoes to fill, as the outgoing six is beloved by enthusiasts everywhere for its silky-smooth power delivery, excellent powerband and lovely noise.
Today is BMW s birthday and it s turning 100 years old. Not quite sure how big of a cake we need to fit 100 candles, but …
and 340i xDrive can now be configured on www.bmwusa.com. The 34oi with a rear-wheel drive setup starts at $45,800 (without the $995 destination and handling), while the xDrive model costs $47,800. The 2015 335i with a manual transmission was priced at $43,750. The 335i is replaced by the 340i name, though displacement doesn’t change.
Does a Dinan tuned BMW 3 Series sound better than a stock factory car?
The 340i be available with six-speed manual transmissions and eight-speed, ZF automatics. The manual features a dual-mass flywheel with centrifugal pendulum adjusters and rev-matching to bring the engine to the correct speed for the next gear change, up or down.
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BMW’s ConnectedDrive system allows the owner to sync his car with gadgets like smartphones and smartwatches. This technology which will debut on the new 7 Series, includes a new ConnectedDrive App, a BMW Remote Cockpit, a Wifi hotspot, automatic navigation map updates, smart home integration and remote control parking, among other features.
To ensure your satisfaction all tuners include a 14 day money back guarantee. If you're not completely thrilled with the performance of your tuned BMW simply return it within 14 days for a full refund.
Click the above "Some BMW facts" heading to hide or reshow the list of BMW facts.
Obviously, numbers and interior design only tell part of the story. Driving feel, enjoyment and excitement are far more important that anything else that can be measured with numbers. The Audi S4 won t be going on sale in the U.S. until 2016, so it will be some time before these two cars can be put to the test against each other. It will be very interesting to see which is the better car. With the Audi S4 adding to the list, which already contains the Jag XE S, of cars contending for the 3 Series crown, the BMW 340i is going to have a hard time keeping it on its head.
Based on the new B9 Audi A4, the S4 is considerably lighter than the outgoing car, as its chassis is based off of Audi s new MLB platform. At 3,594, the new S4 is almost 500 lbs lighter than the outgoing model and also just a tick liter than the BMW 340i s 3,600 lbs or so.
Laurel BMW of Westmont has prepared a special project based on the new 2016 BMW 340i. The Illinois-based dealership used an Alpine White model while …
2016 BMW 340i vs tuned 2012 Dinan BMW 328i - Which one has a better exhaust sound? The folks over at TFLCar gives us a …
We recently sampled the BMW 340i on some fantastic driving roads, the kind of roads that would punish lesser cars, and it dispatched them with …
The BMW 340i, which has recently replaced the 335i, has some seriously stiff competition at the moment. The Jaguar XE S and Mercedes-Benz C400 have …
digital gauge cluster is also a huge plus. Though, I feel the BMW s nav screen is better integrated into the dash, while the S4 s has the new stuck-on-dash style that so many automakers seem to be using lately (*cough* Mercedes). But overall, the Audi S4 s interior seems to be the more attractive.
In terms of interior, the 340i s is very good, with excellent ergonomics and high-quality materials. However, in terms of design, the Audi S4 has it beat. The S4 s interior is fantastic and modern. The
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Today is BMW s birthday and it s turning 100 years old. Not quite sure how big of a cake we need to fit 100 candles, but …
Following the central theme “THE NEXT 100 YEARS” the BMW Group will launch its centenary activities tomorrow - March 7th 2016. On this exact day, …
2016 BMW 3 series received a new facelift. Both bumpers were redesigned and brought visually closer to the 4-series. The Sport Line aesthetic treatment is now standard on all models except 320i.
Interior-wise, 2016 BMW 3 series almost remains untouched. However, there was a few small updates: the manufacturer used new materials followed by more chrome and gloss-black trim, which were supposed to make the vehicle look richer. Brown leather is not part of the exclusive, luxury features.
According to BMW, the navigation and infotainment system will certainly work better and more quickly. The automatic “over-the-air” map updates are now part of the NavDeal, accompanied by SIM cards and LTE technology.
Which may partly explain the lengths to which BMW has gone with this unusually far-reaching mid-cycle update - there’s clearly a consolidation job to be done. And this is not just the usual headlights-and-bumpers revision – although new optional LED headlights and reshaped bumpers front and rear are included in it.
BMW’s Variable Sport Steering remains the 3 Series’ biggest dynamic bugbear - it’s to be avoided on the order form at any cost. It works adequately well at high motorway speeds, and always makes the 340i feel directionally stable. The latter may well be exactly what it’s for, given Germany's liking for destricted autobahns and tightening slip roads.
And, whisper this, they may very well also miss the engaging cornering balance, deft body control and uncorrupted steering of the better versions of the outgoing F30. It’s much too early to start the obituary on this car’s peerless dynamic qualifications, but they’d certainly gone missing in the case of our 340i.
It makes the 340i a seriously fast car in full cry - as quick from standstill to 62mph as an E46 M3, in fact, and probably quite a lot quicker pulling from low revs. It’s also very frugal given its performance level.