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2013 Bmw I8

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Search a wide selection used or new Bmw cars for sale. Auto model is I8. New and used 2013 Bmw I8 cars and parts online. See all dealer offers available. If you're thinking about buying or leasing the 2013 Bmw I8, you can Contact the dealer.

des BMW i8 besteht aus einem kompakten 1,5-Liter-Dreizylinder-Ottomotor mit TwinPower-Turbo-Technologie, einem Elektroantrieb und einer auch an herkömmlichen Haushaltssteckdosen aufladbaren Lithium-Ionen-Batterie. Der Verbrennungsmotor mit einem maximalen Drehmoment von 320
O BMW i8, inicialmente lançado como Vision EfficientDynamics protótipo, é um
English: BMW i8 plug-inelectric car (production version) at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.
De productieversie van de BMW i8 Coupé werd ontworpen door Benoit Jacob
Trivia: De BMW i8 staat op de tweede plaats in de categorie 'Supercars' in het jaarlijks gepubliceerde top 100-lijstje van de Britse tv-presentator en autoliefhebber
Het volledige rijbereik van de BMW i8 met een volle brandstoftank en met volledig opgeladen accu bedraagt meer van 500 km in COMFORT-modus. Dit kan verhoogd worden met 20% in de ECO PRO-modus, tot 600 km. De BMW i8 kan met de ECO PRO-modus ook uitsluitend worden aangedreven door de elektromotor. Enkel als de laadstatus van de accu beneden een bepaald niveau zakt wordt de interne verbrandingsmotor automatisch geactiveerd.
The 2014 BMW i8 arrives in the spring and begins around $136,000. That s properly above its most apparent target, the Tesla Model S, and that sort of cash also buys a great deal of Porsche 911. Functionality aficionados will not most likely be swayed and might even appear across the BMW lineup for the M automobiles. But for the hybrid purchaser in search of power, efficiency and efficiency via a decrease profile, the 2014 BMW i8 presents a one of a kind selection.
We're sure BMW will have plenty more details when it shows the production i8 at next month's Frankfurt Motor Show. The car will go on sale next year.
In pictures: Supercars, exotics and other sporty machinery of the 2016 Geneva Motor Show
BMW i8 electric supercar debuts at 2013 frankfurt motor show all images courtesy BMW group
has unveiled the production version of their first purely electrically powered super car, the BMW i8, at the
the BMW i8 keeps its focus on the driver, angling the modern lines of the center console towards the left side
rimac introduces full-electric concept_one performance car for 2016 geneva motor show
BMW concept at CES 2016 looks to fuse automation and driver in simple cockpit unity
the scissor doors of the BMW i8 provide an undeniable emotional and sporty allure
Mini, pertencente ao grupo BMW, apresenta uma nova versão do Countryman, quatro anos depois de sua introdução no mercado. Agora, ele tem sete motores
Complete your Cool Car Wallpapers with this high resolution picture of Austin Yellow Metallic BMW M3. Its an ultimate expression of the four-door sports car which featured with 3.0L/425-hp/406-lb-ft twin-turbo DOHC 24-valve I-6  machine, 7-speed twin-clutch auto on transmission to reach a 0-60 MPH in just 3.9 seconds.
Mercedes-Benz and BMW: A Brotherly Rivalry That Spanned Over a Century
, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series and the Aston Martin Vanquish. We agree with their decision but we have to admit we never saw it coming. After all, this is a hybrid, powered by a measly 1.5-liter engine that puts out only 231 HP, certainly a lot less than the F12 it defeated. Sure, you also have a 131 HP electric motor but even when combined, with 362 HP it doesn t come close to all the others. Either way, we re glad the world is recognizing the amazing work done by the German engineers on the i8 and that this car is finally changing they way sport cars are built. Story via:
The North American Concept Car of the year award in 2012 was given to the BMW i8 Roadster, and now this year the car has been awarded the Best Production Preview Vehicle. The prize recognizes