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1937 Bmw 328

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On a side note, the body panels were some kind of GFRP polymer, explaining the semi-wonky gaps and fitment after all these years. This may have been a prototype, as well, explaining some of the less-than-BMW-like quality of the body surfaces versus the 328 of 1937 and its 1MM-or-less panel gaps.
Finding one in the official Spartanburg BMW Museum was a treat, as are this 328 s numerous intricate features. All are best observed within just an arm s length to see their detailed elegance.
Car Museums Showcase -- 1937 BMW 328 and R60 at Zentrum Museum in Spartanburg
Car Museums Showcase - 1937 BMW 328 and R60 Sidecar Motorcycle - Car-Revs-Daily.com
The 1937 BMW 328 is a little-seen roadster gem from BMW that was, perhaps, the firm s most advanced and sophisticated achievement outside of aircraft engines at the time.
Where those cars both still wore giant flat fenders, the 328 is completely smooth in all areas. This aero-led thinking was surely a testament to BMW s aeronautic history until this point, but also a deep bow to the great achievements from Auto Union and Mercedes-Benz speed record cars of the day.
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Some personal favorites include the shrouded wheels, rear fender caps, rear tire cover and the numerous BMW badges that are all aero-optimized for smoothness. One side-effect is timeless beauty in shape and the delicate form flows of the design.
The R60 with Sidecar certainly still fills this role for BMW Motorrad motorcycles, as well.
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1937 BMW 328 - Picture of Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum, Philadelphia
1937 BMW 328 - Picture of Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum, Philadelphia - TripAdvisor
; that will adequately illustrate just how far advanced was the 328. Until that comparison materializes, let us mention the lithe 315/1 Roadster the preceded the 328, lending its basic profile and proportion to this ultimate version of the BMW pre-War racing car. Kurt Joachimson penned both designs, although his name has largely been absent from the history books until recently; as Joachimson was Jewish, the German government was not keen to promote his accomplishments.
—these will require scrutineering. Enter the BMW 328, one of the approximately 290 widely acknowledged greatest pre-War sports-racing cars of under 2 litre capacity to have been painted either white, red, or periwinkle blue.
To make a few final comments on the design, I've always been tempted to look at the 328 as the ancestor of the Jaguar XK-120. But, while there's a definite visible similarity that makes one think Sir William Lyons was impressed with these 328 cars, the theories at work are a bit at odds. For instance, BMW shunned the dual overhead cam design, while Jaguar made it universal. The capacity of the motors also differs greatly, with the 328 forever remaining a sub 2-litre proposition, while the XK-120 started above 3-litre capacity and kept going up over the years. So there's a bit of differing opinion about optimal power/weight ratio. And, finally, the XK-120 debuted with a steering box, whereas the 328 was already turning on a rack. All in all, they are very different cars, exemplary of the fact that they were built in different times for different reasons, (even if they came to represent a common motoring spirit).
Identified by raised hands is the AACA South Florida contingent of judges.