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Bmw Reliability 5 Series

- Bmw Cars
Audi A6 Saloon
Fantastic piece of engineering and would always buy bmw if it wasnt for the rear wheel drive which is dangerous in snow/wet/frost weather. Lost control of car when car slid on frost and damaged alloy when hit kerb as a result. Dont understand why bmw dont offer 4 wheel drive on their saloon cars like audi especially with the weather we are getting at present.
Lexus GS Saloon
BMW 5 Series saloon owner reviews: MPG, problems, reliability, performance Carbuyer
BMW X5 - Car Reliability Search Reliability Index How reliable is your car?
BMW's first foray into the world of SUVs was an instant success, with the car going on to become one of the few true Range Rover rivals. Superlative build quality, outstanding on-road manners and a cast-iron image have all conspired to ensure the X5 doesn't shed its value at the same rate as some rivals. But...

The GT's handling doesn't have the sharpness we've come to expect from BMW. The steering's a little too slow and light, the body leans a little too much through corners, and the car is too easily upset by mid-corner bumps. The ride is more of an issue, though, because it jiggles over the smoothest of surfaces and thuds over potholes. M Sport cars get firmer suspension that’s likely to make the ride even worse, but the optional Adaptive Drive system improves things considerably.


All things aside it boils down to reliability. I previously owned a 2009 335 (same color combo and options) and didnt have one issue. This one however: the water pump went last month @ under 50k miles, the fuel pump also went approx 2 months earlier, the VANOS bolts needed to be replaced, an oil leak after the dealer serviced the vehicle (and no they still charged me) and there was one more episode of limp at home mode which I don't recall. The plus side it's a cpo so the bulk cost nothing. The last few trips cost $50 plus tax a pop. I would not ever recommend anyone purchasing this car without the CPO warranty. example the water pump and labor hovers around a grand to replace. Wheels And Tires - the summer tires are especially prone to road damage. I replaced all 4 tires not due to wear but due to potholes and other hazards... To which any other normal car wouldnt have an issue...